Review: "Concentrated Passion" (Kleine Zeitung - Austria)

Haydn’s “Seven Last Words” as oratorio - NEUBERGER KULTURTAGE
Joseph Haydn’s classical piece “The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross” was performed for the public at the opening of the Culture Days in the cathedral in the original version of 1795 with première in 1796, almost a chamber music counterpiece of the previous works here which were quite often opulent. The orchestra part – Haydn having taken this practically unmodified from instrumental music which appeared roughly ten years before in his time – was in the best keeping with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra under chief conductor Stefan Vladar. The successful performance of both priming introductions and of the closing “Terremoto” (Earthquake) were very impressive. The vocals sang Jesus’ words in plain a cappella and completed each of the following tonal primers of the orchestra with illustrative texts and partly dramatic passages. The Vienna Singing Academy appeared in the best formation and the very young solo quartet with Seri Baek (soprano), Sonja Bühling (alto), Sascha Zarrabi (tenor) and Daniel Weiler (bass) matched harmoniously with the overall musical performance.
                                     HERBERT TOMASCHEK, Kleine Zeitung (Austria), 2015 07 13